PIE3, an all volunteer not for profit, relies on its network of partners to deliver its K-12 STEM Programs.  Partners include the following.

 The Kahlert Foundation, with locations in Carroll County and Utah, was established by William “Bill” Kahlert a co-founder of EVAPCO in Taneytown, MD.  Its focus areas include health care, youth programs, education, veterans, and human services.  The Kahlert Foundation generous support has allowed an expansion of our K-12 STEM programs in Carroll County including our new Carroll County – Center Of Robotics Excellence (CC-CORE) in Finksburg, MD.

The Maryland State Department of Education has supported our K-12 STEM activities through its Robotics Grant program for school and community robotics teams since 2017.  School based programs include our “Top Spinner” activity for 3rd graders, where 3rd graders build there own top and top spinner devices while learning about gears and mathematics.  PIE3 robotics teams support a number of Elementary School Science Fairs with demonstrations of their “big” robots along with introducing students to to the science and engineering of robotics.

PIE3 has a partnership agreement with Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) for mutually beneficial support.  PIE3 teams support CCPS activities such as Science Fairs and Gifted and Talented events in addition to our “Top Spinner” activity for 3rd grade classes.  CCPS advertises membership on PIE3 teams and allows students absence from school for K-12 STEM activities including attendance at Robotics Competitions.

PIE3 is affiliated with Carroll County Parks and Recreation (CCPR) through the local Freedom Area Recreation Council (FARC).  CCPR / FARC provides web signup for PIE3 robotics teams, event insurance, and access to Carroll County facilities.  PIE3 robotics teams support FARC activities including “Fright Night” fundraisers and National Night Out.

PIE3 works closely with the Carroll County Public Library (CCPL) holding STEM events including the annual “Robot Smashing Robot” demonstrations (part of the Maryland STEM festival), as well as numerous hand on STEM demonstrations.  CCPL provides space for demonstrations and meeting rooms.